MHC doesn’t work… oops wait… sorry it’s working too well!

“When I turn on ‘Hide images and videos from gallery’ no images or videos are taken!”, it’s pretty much the most frequently asked question from our users. In fact we get quite a number of this everyday.

Well, it turns out, oops… MHC’s just doing its job too well; all operations are so secretly taken without evidence, and even the user who shot the images and videos himself doesn’t know the job is done. And not just the job is done, it’s actually very well done indeed.

The thing is, under this “hide files from gallery” mode, MHC saves the images and videos secretly into a special hidden folder. A lot of users just don’t see that hidden place so they start to complain it doesn’t work, well, until we tell them to check MHC’s settings summary so then they get the full storage location.

Even then, some of them still have issues finding that location given the full path. That’s because the folder itself is “hidden”.

You can actually use any file exploring apps, e.g. Root Explorer, ES File Explorer, etc., to browse the location; but you gotta make sure the app itself has “show hidden files” enabled. Only then will it reveal MHC’s special hidden folder.

Sorry for that little bit of inconvenience, but well, that’s all by design as our very first design principal of Mobile Hidden Camera is “get it HIDDEN and SAFE”. And sorry for being a bit stubborn on this, we are not going to make MHC files easier to find, simply because that would otherwise hurt our users’ privacy!

When it comes to privacy and security, we just do not compromise.