Celebrating Christmas with the best ever major update, MHC V4

Some of you wondered why we haven’t updated MHC for months.

The reason is simple; it takes months to build a great major update!

In fact, we have never sat idle over the last few months. We have completely re-written MHC’s sophisticated spy engine. The latest MHC update, powered by the great Spy Engine V4, is more than capable of utilizing the latest multi-core Android devices and even push them to the extreme to deliver the best performance and reliability in spy shooting.

Today we’re very excited to announce the immediate release of MHC V4, our latest and greatest release of Mobile Hidden Camera ever. This new technological advancement not only re-assures MHC’s position as the undisputed Number One Mobile Spy Shooting Solution, more importantly it also forms the perfect platform for limitless possibilities in the future. We’re sure we can deliver even greater ideas and features in our upcoming releases!

You can install MHC V4 for free from our downloads page.