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For years MHC has thrived to be the highest-rated & most popular spy camera solution on Google Play, breaking all grounds with every new feature pushing the limits of every Android OS release from Android 2.x thru Android 14.x, until Google started playing strict and decided that we’re too good to be on Google Play. They pulled MHC off the shelves because of our extreme features like background shooting, hidden application & self-destruction, etc.

Everyday users around the world lose their investments on spy apps purchased from Google Play, with their purchased apps suspended by Google randomly there’s no way for them to even re-install such apps.

Never a problem with Mobile Hidden Camera; we have Paypal as our licensing platform Gold-Partner, safe and secure. You can always download the authentic MHC software from our website & re-install the full version in no time. And unlike other developers, we never serve advertising with our app and we never use any 3rd party sdks nor analytics software; those are known ways to steal your personal information and get you exposed to privacy risks & mailicious exploits.

MHC 5.0 Tech Preview

Start a notepad app, type notes as usual; it’s already shooting in the background no matter what apps you switch to. Browse the web, watch videos, or even hit the device power button to turn it off. MHC just keeps shooting silently in the background.

Completely Stealthy

No Flash, No Sound,
No Preview

The only Professional-Grade spy shooting solution with a completely-stealthy operation cycle

Multiple Camera Support

Shoot with all your device cameras, Front & Back

Optimized quality settings for every camera on the device ensuring the best pictures & videos possible

Image & Video Shooting

High Quality Image & High Definition Video Shooting

High resolution, auto-continuous & burst mode super-fast image shooting; super high definition video recording with timer control, etc.

Hidden Application

Spy Camera App hidden beneath true Notepad App

Installed as "Simple Notepad" for a full-featured notepad app; edit & save notes but then secretly starts spy shooting even right in front of others

Background Shooting

Keep shooting while running other apps on top or having the screen Powered Off

Surf the web, watch some videos or even power the device screen off while spy shooting in the background; you can't get suspicious using Mobile Hidden Camera

Self Destruction Trigger

Life-saving in case of Extreme Emergency

Guaranteed safety in case of extreme emergency; easily trigger self-destruction and voila, let people examine your phone and all they see are legitimate apps without trace of any spy app whatsoever

Image Shooting

Video Recording

Audio Recording

No Flash

No Sound

No Preview

Completely Stealthy Operations

Background Shooting

Total File Protection

Hidden Application Mode

True Notepad App Disguise

Emergency Self Destruction

Customer Testimonials

I can run other apps on top or even press the power button to make my phone *sleep*, while it keeps shooting in the background! This is unbeatable!

Shaun G
Arnold, MO

No problem even if people take away my phone and inspect it; even the app itself and the media files taken are all hidden. Nobody knows I've got a spy app!

Dan J
Rochelle Park, NJ

I now shoot right in front of others, they don't know what I'm doing even if they watch my screen! All they see is that I type on a notepad and quit, while hey I'm already shooting!

Nakazawa G
Cannizzaro CT

I'll never forget that one time when I nearly got caught; only MHC could save my ass with this superb Self-Destruction trigger; granting me Plausible Deniability!

Oleg B
Mascali CT

MHC Editions

While Mobile Hidden Camera LITE offers a completely free starter pack to professional spy shooting, STANDARD, PRO & PREMIUM editions offer the most advanced stealth shooting package the world has ever seen, all with a reasonable price.


introduces you to the world of professional spy shooting and stealth recording, offering unrestricted access to the best spy shooting package the world has ever seen; an unobtrusive application icon, no-preview and silent shooting. The only limitation now is the size of your phone storage.

PRO Edition

offers further advanced stealth shooting features like auto-continuous shooting & timer-mode video shooting. Turn off any of the app's UI components, and also button & keyboard backlights making the whole shooting cycle completely stealthy. Images and videos taken can also be hidden from the Android Photo Gallery and other file explorer applications.


takes spying to the next level. Not only is shooting done in stealth mode, the full cycle from app launching, image & video shooting to quitting are run in strict hidden mode. Nobody notices what you're doing even if they look at your screen while you're doing it. Even the app itself gets hidden within another normal app. No traces of a spy app whatsoever even if people examine your device. There's the self-destruction option even in case of extreme emergency.

back camera support
front camera support
unobtrusive application icon
(notepad icon sits nicely along other apps unnoticed)
hidden from recent apps list
(nobody knows you’ve run this app)
high quality image shooting
super high quality video recording
(e.g. HD / Ultra-HD)
per-camera quality settings
(different quality settings for front & back cameras)
no shutter sound
remove shutter sound even on firmware-locked devices
no flash
no preview
(black/blank screen only)
Advanced Image Shooting
burst-mode super fast shooting
auto-continuous shooting
adjustable shooting frequency
vibration feedback upon shooting
adjustable vibration strength
Advanced Video Shooting
timer for auto-stop video shooting
stop on any touch
(stop recording easily with any touch on screen)
auto-split into multiple files
(bypass file size limitation on any devices)
Button & Keyboard Backlights
turn off button & keyboard lights
(device looks truly powered off)
File Protection
hide media files from photo gallery & file browsers
customize external storage location
(extremely useful for devices that have a non-standard external storage mount point)
folder & file names customization
(fully customize folder and file names, prefixes and extensions; nobody sees the files, nobody knows the file types even if they connect your device to a computer)
Super Stealth Shooting
no ringer/vibration while shooting
(never worry about incoming phone calls while shooting)
use hardware volume buttons to start images & video shooting
(no need to even move your fingers to shoot)
no incoming calls/alerts while shooting
(never get embarrassed by any incoming alerts while shooting)
Background Image & Video Shooting
backing shooting
(show the desktop or even run other apps on top while shooting in the background)
power-off mode shooting
(even hit the power button and turn to standby mode while shooting in the background)
keep playing music during shooting
(a great feature as a disguise, also a truly usability enhancement so shooting does not interrupt music playing)
Stealth Startup UI
startup UI customization
(choose which UI components to display on screen, or just a black/blank screen only)
menu labels customization
(show whatever you like, or even empty menu labels)
hide them all
(even no startup UI, no menu labels, nothing at all)
Hidden Application
true hidden application mode
(spy app hidden in another fully functional notepad app by your predefined password, nobody can notice it even if they take away your device and launch the app)
fully functional notepad app
(people can only see a true notepad app that supports cut/copy/paste, notes editing/saving, etc; they can’t see any spy camera app on your device)
no password-prompt, no hint of spy app
(even if people inspect your device there isn't even a password prompt so nothing at all is suspicious)
quick-quit mode
(single touch to stop shooting and quit the app in one go)
full stealth operation cycle
(never get caught even if you start the app and shooting right in front of others, nobody knows what you’re doing even if they watch your screen)
Self-destruction in case of Extreme Emergency
express erase with special self-destruction password
(just like starting the app but erase all media files taken by Mobile Hidden Camera; again, no password prompt at all and nobody knows you did this)
Diagnosis & Compatibility
compatibility modes for different Android devices
(boost app reliability & performance on various devices & Android versions)
integrated support ticket system
(enjoy superior technical support from developer)
supports all Android versions, up to Android 14.x & beyond
(rigorously tested on all Android versions)

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Perpetual License, Re-install Anytime

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