MHC 5.0 is here, the best just got better, a whole lot better

The best just got better. A whole lot better, indeed.

We’re thrilled to announce the release of MHC 5.0, marking the most significant milestone since MHC’s birth in 2010.

MHC 5.0 is a completely rewritten app. It was designed from the ground up to leverage the latest advancements in Android platform technologies taking spy shooting to the very next level.

In previous MHC releases we have always maintained the widest possible compatibility with even the oldest Android devices. But deep down we knew that we could achieve so much more if we embrace the latest and greatest. MHC being the most exotic app on the Android platform with its extreme features not found on any standard apps on Google Play, has always pushed Android development technologies beyond their limits. With years of hardcore research and development we have taken this to a whole new level, bringing our flagship features like hidden application mode and background shooting, etc with greatly enhanced reliability and performance to Android 14+.

MHC 5.0 has become a new platform that we can build great new features upon. Stay tuned.