Best Spy Camera App 2010 – 2024 & More…

Time flies. This year we’re celebrating 14 years of Mobile Hidden Camera’s launch from the original Android Market back in 2010. Back then there wasn’t even in-app purchases so we had to build from scratch our very own licensing platform with Paypal as our Gold-Partner.

Then for years MHC thrived to be the highest-rated & most popular spy camera solution on Google Play for consecutive years, breaking all grounds with every new feature integrated to every new Android OS release, from Android 2.x to Android 14.x.

Until Google started playing rough and decided that we’re too good to be on Google Play. They pulled MHC off the shelves because of our extreme features like background shooting, hidden application & self-destruction.

Today we’re back to our roots; hosting MHC on our website partnering Paypal as our go-to partner for our own licensing platform. Everyday users around the world lose their investments on spy apps purchased from Google Play. Google routinely suspends such apps and paid users would not be able to re-install them.

No problem with us here; we have our own licensing platform powered by Paypal. You can always download the authentic MHC software from our website here, re-install and activate your license in no time.