Purchasing apps on Google Play are, in fact, less safe

Google is famous of arbitrarily removing apps from Google Play. Many users have lost their paid apps because of this. We’re the only developer who have built our own licensing infrastructure and so we’re able to re-create new licenses for our users so they can still use their purchased app.

Why could we do that? it’s because of our long history. We first released MHC in 2010 when Andriod Market (Google Play’s name back then) didn’t even support paid apps. So at that time we built our own licensing infrastructure with Paypal being our payment gateway partner.

That’s why for all these years, even after Google introduced in-app billing on Google Play, we’ve kept releasing MHC’s Paypal license version.

Also, since google supported paid apps, they require all developers to use Google wallet and they ban all developers who use Paypal. (We were also banned by them, just because we were still accepting Paypal in our app) That’s why then we had to maintain 2 versions of MHC. The Google Play version only supports Google in-app billing. And the website version supports Paypal payments.

Here’re just a couple of other apps being removed by google.

Google removed a game from Google Play, and users couldn’t install the game they paid for

Google removed an app, user tried to contact the developer and got no response

These are easy examples to show you how vulnerable your app purchases on Google Play are.

If you purchase any other spy camera app on Google Play, once Google takes down the app you’ll lose all your investments! You won’t even be able to re-install the app. Even if you find the app’s APK file you won’t get any of the paid features because Google Play will have also removed your paid licenses.

Only Mobile Hidden Camera tackles this fully.

You don’t have to worry at all. We’re always here and you can always use our license key version no matter what happens. We still keep updating the app constantly with even greater features so MHC can only get better and better!

And we’ve been around since 2010 and we’re the only one who guarantee you have a perpetual license to use the app.