Mobile Hidden Camera v4.1 released

Given Mobile Hidden Camera’s strictly stealthy nature we know it’s not the most user friendly app on the playstore. That’s simply because we put user privacy and security our very top priority.

No compromise whatsoever.

Well, still whenever we find ways to make life easier for our users, we go ahead.

In our newly released MHC v4.1 we’ve fully revamped the way users select the file storage location. Now, under the “file protection” settings page you can easily see the chosen location, and you can easily select a location from a few given options.

Note that MHC actually builds that storage location option list by first querying your device firmware. On Android 4.4.x KitKat devices with external sd card storage (e.g. Samsung S4 / Note 3 devices with an updated firmware) it provides you an extremely easy selection option to tell MHC to save files to your external sd card.

You can install MHC V4.1 for free from our downloads page.