After Samsung Galaxy S II, now HTC Sensation & EVO 3D are also well proven

Thanks for all your useful user feedback.

Today we’re happy to announce that the latest MHC update not only works well on the Samsung Galaxy S II, it’s also well proven on the all new HTC Sensation and HTC EVO 3D.

If you have one of these hottest phones, be sure to grab our latest release of MHC here:

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MHC is the first app that supports high quality video recording on the Samsung Galaxy S II

So, the trend of manufacturers tailoring their own firmwares continues. The latest Samsung Galaxy S II, while providing 1080p video recording with its bundled app, turns out to crash all 3rd party video recording apps.

Continuing MHC’s tradition of being the first to patch firmware issues and support new Android feature, just like when we were 1st to support front camera recording on Android 2.3, now we’ve ensured MHC to be the first app on the market that supports high quality video recording on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S II, be sure to grab our latest release of MHC here:

Upon installation, open MHC’s settings / diagnosis & tools, set “override video” to the best-available option, and you can enjoy high quality video recording right away.

This release has already been well tested by our users and we’ll be publishing it as our next update shortly.

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MHC’s compatibility mode ensures it works well on HTC Desire HD with Android 2.3 Gingerbread

A user has reported that after his HTC Desire HD received an OTA update to Android 2.3.3 it breaks video recording on MHC.

But no worry with MHC’s compatibility mode settings.

It turns out he could simply open MHC’s settings / diagnosis & tools, set compatibility mode to the last option, and everything works fine again.

So this is yet another example of Android development challenges; different hardware behaves differently, different Android versions behave differently, and even the same Android version from different manufacturers behaves differently.

Well, but it’s also a great example that we’re up to the challenge to support MHC on such a variety of platforms.

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Installing & upgrading Mobile Hidden Camera directly from our website, even on your AT&T devices

Android is well known for its openness. As the owner you can choose how you want to use your device, and you can pick the way you like to install your apps.

So, you can go to Android’s settings / applications, enable the checkbox “install from unknown sources” and from now on you’re free to download any “.APK” app setup packages from the web and install them directly onto your device.

Unless you’re an AT&T user in the United States.

Yes, AT&T blocks users from installing “.APK” app packages directly so you poor AT&T users are limited to the official Android Market. That’s not fun at all, well, until you learn about sideloading.

Now you can simply use an app called “sideload” to install apps onto your phone, even if it’s locked by AT&T. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use “sideload”:


This way you can install any apps you like onto your phone. You can simply use our direct download link to install MHC onto your AT&T locked device easily.

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Install the latest version of MHC directly from our website

For users who can’t download MHC from the Android Market, you can download and install the app directly from our website here:

Download the current version of MHC

Or, download the latest pre-release version of MHC.

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Mobile Hidden Camera 2.0 released, front camera spy shooting and more

Today, we’re very pleased to release the long awaited Mobile Hidden Camera 2.0 on the Android Market.

With this release, MHC is now the only spy camera that lets you spy with your phone’s front camera. MHC 2.0 comes with an improved spying engine, with compatibility mode settings that boost hardware and firmware compatibilities among various Android devices and versions. The revamped user interface lets you more easily see your current stealth level and check all your spy settings at a glance. Now you can even fully customize the menu labels; change them to anything you like or even hide them all to make your operations totally invisible. Video recordings can now be automatically divided into multiple files, to bypass any file-size limitations of Android devices. Now you can record videos longer than your phone supports.

Together with MHC’s highly rated spying options like strict-stealth-mode spying, fully invisible operation cycles, backlights off, hidden files, hidden app, background shooting, adjustable continuous shooting frequency, etc., the best spy camera app now gets even better.

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Mobile Hidden Camera on AppBrain’s hot apps list

Thanks for all your interest in Mobile Hidden Camera. Today, MHC has reached the top 10 hottest apps on AppBrain.

According to AppBrain, we reached this spot because many users have been visiting and installing MHC from our AppBrain page at

Hope you all enjoy MHC. Our whole team is currently working hard on our next major update and this news is really encouraging!

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Spying with the front camera of your Nexus S

After so much waiting, finally front camera support is coming with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

For those of you who’re getting the highly anticipated Google Nexus S phone, don’t you want to do some advanced spying with both the front and back cameras? Shoot us an email at support[at]mobilehiddencamera[dot]com to join our beta-testing program for the upcoming major update of the best spy camera app on your mobile phone.

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Sensitive wordings removed from the credit card statement

Recently some customers have raised concerns that when purchasing MHC their credit card statements might contain sensitive wordings like “Mobile Hidden Camera” or “spy camera”, etc.

We understand their concerns and have promptly reviewed our billing system setup and removed all such wordings.

Now, only wordings like “Paypal”, business name “mhc software” and abbreviated product names like “MHC PREMIUM”, “MHC PRO” or “MHC STANDARD” will show up on your statements.

We believe this would help those who’re concerned.

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I’m spying, please turn off the button and keyboard lights of my phone

When using a spy camera on a mobile phone, chances are you don’t want to draw any attention from people around.

To achieve this goal there’re just two ways:
1. have the phone look like it’s powered off
or 2. pretend to be using the phone for some normal applications

As simple as they sound, in fact no spy camera application on the market can perform even any one of them. Well, yes they give you a black and blank screen at most but are the glowing button and keyboard backlights of the phone drawing even greater wonders from people around? How could a phone look like it’s off if the button lights are on?

Some apps do provide a fake, static calling screen or web page but is that good enough if there’re people around you? By the way if there aren’t people around you what good is this option? You could as well just use the black screen mode. In a separate article we’ve already described how MHC tackles the 2nd problem above. Now let’s get back to the first one.

Today we’re very pleased to release an update for MHC with a great new feature; the option to turn off the button and keyboard backlights of the phone while shooting.

Before this release, with MHC you can already put your phone into standby mode while it keeps shooting in the background. Now with this update, you don’t even have to leave the black & blank shooting screen, and you don’t need to trigger background shooting if you just want the phone look powered off. With the button and keyboard backlights off, there’s simply no way to tell the phone is running.

If you also enable the blank main screen option, the lights are off even on the main screen. So whether you’re in “ready mode” or “shooting mode”, even if people’re standing right beside you they just don’t even know your phone’s on.

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