Mobile Hidden Camera STANDARD, PRO and PREMIUM editions; the complete product lineup.

Mobile Hidden Camera was first designed to be the premium spy camera application for Android, offering a host of must-have stealth shooting features to make spying super-safe. However it didn’t take long before users started asking for a more entry-level hidden camera application.

While many users have told us how happy they’re with the PREMIUM and PRO editions, some of them have told us that they just need some casual app so they can make fun with their friends. So today we’re very pleased to announce Mobile Hidden Camera STANDARD edition.

At first glance, you may ask why the heck so many different versions of the same thing? Well, in fact they naturally complete the lineup and satisfy users of all levels.

Mobile Hidden Camera STANDARD provides true stealth shooting that guarantees no-sound, no-flash and no-preview, while offering unlimited still image and super high-quality video shooting. It’s simply a fun app that allows you to capture fun moments, while you don’t want to alert the subject.

Mobile Hidden Camera PRO adds to STANDARD edition more advanced features like continuous shooting and timer-mode video recording. It also allows you to hide files from the Gallery so it protects your media collection from being accessed by anyone else.

Mobile Hidden Camera PREMIUM is simply the only true hidden camera app on the market that guarantees safe shooting. Not only is shooting done in stealth mode, even the app startup and termination processes are well hidden. You can start spy-shooting even right in front of others and they won’t know what you’re doing. You can be browsing the web, or leaving your phone on the desktop, or using other apps, or even get the phone into standby mode with all lights off, while MHC keeps shooting and recording at the background. Someone wants to borrow you phone? No worry as they won’t notice there’s a spy camera app even if they accidentally press its icon as it just starts a normal notepad app. Run into extreme emergency? Self-destruction to the rescue!

Understanding there’re users who want casual stealth shooting, some want safe spy shooting, and some want no risk at all; Mobile Hidden Camera STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL and PREMIUM editions complete the whole lineup of offerings.