Do you want a static fake screen, or a true and dynamic app running on top?

We understand even in stealth shooting, sometimes we do want to show something on our phone’s screen.

Most of the time we would want our phones to look like powered off so it doesn’t draw any attention. At other times, it might just look weird if we hold up a phone in certain position and angle while it’s off. In such scenarios it seems like we would need a selection of fake screens so we look like browsing the web, having a phone call or playing some games.

We understand the needs here and we know some spy camera apps are doing things that way, but we don’t like this idea at all.

We believe no matter how many fake screens we build into the app they just won’t be enough. Users will sooner or later run into scenarios where they need something more unique, more real and more relevant in their specific situations. We don’t think fake screens can tackle this problem. We need something better.

That’s exactly why we took the effort to design and implement background shooting into MHC.

With background shooting, you can simply return to the phone’s desktop / launcher, open a web browser, run a calculator, or even push the power button to put the phone into standby mode; while MHC keeps shooting silently in the background. Gone are the days you pop up a fake web page or pretend to be reading a book while others might suspect why this guy just doesn’t turn to the next page. Now everything is real, and you don’t look like running other apps, you are running other apps.

You can then at any time return to MHC, which is still a blank & black screen, and stop shooting, which is again still a blank & black screen. Of course you can just kick start another shooting session if you like, which, unsurprisingly, simply keeps your phone in a blank & black screen until you run another app on top again.

We see background shooting as the only valid answer to this particular problem.

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