Latest Mobile Hidden Camera update hits Google PlayStore

We’re very glad to announce the latest major update of Mobile Hidden Camera. MHC v3 is now available on both Google PlayStore and our website.

MHC v3 takes professional spying to the next level. Besides delivering even greater performance and reliability than previous versions, MHC v3 not only supports multiple cameras but it even allows users to configure a host of advanced quality settings on a per camera basis. This is extremely useful for serious users who want to get the most out of their devices.

As always, MHC v3 is well tested on most Android versions and devices; even on tablets ranging from the latest Nexus 7 down to the original Motorola Xoom.

For a complete feature list of MHC v3, see our feature by feature comparison chart here.

You can install MHC v3 for free on our download page.