Telecamera nascosta mobile sospesa da Google Play ma saremo sempre qui

Cattive notizie

Google has suspended our app so Mobile Hidden Camera is now not available on Google Play.

Buone notizie

Don’t worry; we’re still here and we’ll always be here enhancing and updating MHC. In fact, we’ve already started working on our next major upgrade of the app to bring you even greater spying features!

What has then been changed?

In terms of the app, Mobile Hidden Camera can only get better and better as we’re fully committed to keep enhancing the app to take advantage of the latest mobile technologies for professional-grade spy shooting.

In terms of how we distribute our app, we simply revert to our very own licensing infrastructure with Paypal. So you can simply follow our Paypal buttons on this website to purchase an upgrade option, then our system will email you a license key right away. You can simply download and install our “license key version” of MHC from our sezione download and activate the upgrade on the fly with the license key.

In fact we’ve been running this infrastructure ever since our inception in September 2010. Back then Android Market still did not support paid apps nor in-app purchases yet. So we built our very own licensing infrastructure with Paypal, so that customers could easily purchase MHC upgrades thru Paypal and then quickly activate their upgrades with a license key to enjoy MHC full features on the fly.

For users who have previously upgraded thru Google Play in-app purchase, but now find MHC reverted to the free LITE edition

First, you need to understand when Google took down MHC, they took away your in-app purchases at the same time. It’s just like they take down a paid app so you won’t be able to re-install the paid app anymore. Your investment is lost.

Don’t worry, this is the time we showcase how professional developers like us differentiate ourselves from the rest. We already have a plan to deal with scenarios like this, and we’re proud to tell that we’re the only developer who’d go this far to help our customers. We can help you easily recover your investments. In full, and at no cost!

Simply put, just email us at support[at]mobilehiddencamera[dot]com with your Google Play purchase details, then we’ll quickly email you a license key that you can use to upgrade MHC on the fly.

Per gli utenti MHC che hanno precedentemente effettuato l'upgrade tramite Paypal

You’re not affected in any way. You can always install MHC’s license key version from our website’s downloads section and activate all the features on the fly.

Per gli utenti che stanno provando altre app per telecamere spia

Questo è un ottimo esempio per mostrarti quanto siano vulnerabili gli acquisti delle tue app. Se acquisti qualsiasi altra app per telecamera spia su Google Play, una volta che Google ha rimosso l'app perderai tutti i tuoi investimenti! Non sarai nemmeno in grado di reinstallare l'app. Anche se trovi il file APK dell'app, non otterrai nessuna delle funzionalità a pagamento perché Google Play avrà rimosso anche le tue licenze a pagamento.

Ma se scegli Mobile Hidden Camera, non devi preoccuparti affatto. Siamo sempre qui e puoi sempre utilizzare la versione della nostra chiave di licenza in caso accada qualcosa. Continuiamo ad aggiornare l'app costantemente con funzionalità ancora maggiori, quindi MHC non può che migliorare!

E siamo presenti dal 2010 e siamo gli unici a garantirti la licenza perpetua per l'utilizzo dell'app.