Unleashing the full potential of the Droid 2′s camera

Couple days ago one of our very first users reported an issue on the Motorola Droid 2. Apparently MHC was able to capture images and videos but the image resolution was somehow limited to 1.2MP.

With some hard work from the development team, yesterday we released an update and this morning the user has reported that MHC can now utilize the Droid 2’s 5MP camera very well.

While we’re very glad that the issue’s resolved, we’re a bit surprised that the same Android 2.2 platform running on the Nexus One and Droid 2 actually behave differently. This is in fact a very practical example of how difficult it is to ensure application compatibility on different Android devices. (yes, not just different Android versions, but even the very same Android version running on different devices)

Still, we’re committed to enhance MHC’s performance and stability on all Android devices so we’d be very glad if you could send us your user experience along with any comments and suggestions.

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