Mobile Hidden Camera re-published on Google Play Store

We’re glad to announce that we’re now back on Google Play Store, after the recent incident that MHC got suspended on Google Play Store.

We’ve tried our very best to fine tune everything to comply with Google’s content policy, and have finally re-listed MHC on Google Play.

Unfortunately, with this re-listing, Google now treats MHC as a new app; so we’ve lost all our previous 5M+ download counts and a 4.5+ average rating. We’re going to have to build our reputation on Google Play from scratch again.

What this means to you as MHC users:

For new MHC users
MHC is on Google Play again so you can easily install MHC from the Play Store.

Get it on Google Play
OR Get it on MHC's website
Download from us directly

Alternatively, MHC is also always available for free download at our website’s downloads section. So you can just grab it there!

You can keep enjoying MHC’s free LITE edition; just in case you find an upgrade suits you, you can go ahead with MHC upgrades either thru Google’s in-app billing or thru our Paypal buttons on the website. They both work perfectly fine.

For users who have upgraded thru Google Play in-app billing before, but now find MHC reverted to the free LITE edition

First, you need to understand when Google took down MHC, they took away your in-app purchases at the same time. It’s just like they take down a paid app so you won’t be able to re-install the paid app anymore. Your investment is lost.

Don’t worry, this is the time we showcase how professional developers like us differentiate ourselves from the rest. We already have a plan to deal with scenarios like this, and we’re proud to tell that we’re the only one who go this far to help our customers. We can help you easily recover your investments. In full, and at no cost!

Simply put, you just re-purchase our newly published app and we quickly issue you a full refund. That way you’re effectively “migrated” to this newly published MHC on Google Play at no cost.

Please simply:

  1. uninstall your current version of MHC from your device. (remember to make backup of those MHC videos & images first)
  2. install our newly published MHC version from Google Play here:
  3. go ahead and perform in-app upgrade; just proceed to purchase the same edition of MHC that you current own.
  4. then shoot us an email at, forward us both the old and new Google Play transaction e-receipts; especially, make sure to include the email address you used to make the purchase and the unique transaction IDs
  5. we’ll quickly verify your transaction and issue a full refund on your new purchase to you.

We’ll issue a “full refund” but we will not cancel the whole order; so after that you’ll get your money back, but Google Play will still keep your license intact so your MHC in-app license will work perfectly well.

For MHC users who’ve previously upgraded thru Paypal
You’re not affected in any way. You can always install MHC’s license key version from our website’s downloads section and activate all the features on the fly.

For users who’re trying out any other spy camera apps
This is a great example to show you how vulnerable your app purchases are. If you purchase any other spy camera app on Google Play, once Google takes down the app you’ll lose all your investments! You won’t even be able to re-install the app. Even if you find the app’s APK file you won’t get any of the paid features because Google Play will have also removed your paid licenses.

But if you choose Mobile Hidden Camera, you don’t have to worry at all. We’re always here and you can always use our license key version in case anything happens. We still keep updating the app constantly with even greater features so MHC can only get better and better!

And we’re the only one who can guarantee you have a perpetual license to use the app.