Installing & upgrading Mobile Hidden Camera directly from our website, even on your AT&T devices

Android is well known for its openness. As the owner you can choose how you want to use your device, and you can pick the way you like to install your apps.

So, you can go to Android’s settings / applications, enable the checkbox “install from unknown sources” and from now on you’re free to download any “.APK” app setup packages from the web and install them directly onto your device.

Unless you’re an AT&T user in the United States.

Yes, AT&T blocks users from installing “.APK” app packages directly so you poor AT&T users are limited to the official Android Market. That’s not fun at all, well, until you learn about sideloading.

Now you can simply use an app called “sideload” to install apps onto your phone, even if it’s locked by AT&T. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use “sideload”:


This way you can install any apps you like onto your phone. You can simply use our direct download link to install MHC onto your AT&T locked device easily.