I’m spying, please turn off the button and keyboard lights of my phone

When using a spy camera on a mobile phone, chances are you don’t want to draw any attention from people around.

To achieve this goal there’re just two ways:
1. have the phone look like it’s powered off
or 2. pretend to be using the phone for some normal applications

As simple as they sound, in fact no spy camera application on the market can perform even any one of them. Well, yes they give you a black and blank screen at most but are the glowing button and keyboard backlights of the phone drawing even greater wonders from people around? How could a phone look like it’s off if the button lights are on?

Some apps do provide a fake, static calling screen or web page but is that good enough if there’re people around you? By the way if there aren’t people around you what good is this option? You could as well just use the black screen mode. In a separate article we’ve already described how MHC tackles the 2nd problem above. Now let’s get back to the first one.

Today we’re very pleased to release an update for MHC with a great new feature; the option to turn off the button and keyboard backlights of the phone while shooting.

Before this release, with MHC you can already put your phone into standby mode while it keeps shooting in the background. Now with this update, you don’t even have to leave the black & blank shooting screen, and you don’t need to trigger background shooting if you just want the phone look powered off. With the button and keyboard backlights off, there’s simply no way to tell the phone is running.

If you also enable the blank main screen option, the lights are off even on the main screen. So whether you’re in “ready mode” or “shooting mode”, even if people’re standing right beside you they just don’t even know your phone’s on.