Sicherheit, Sicherheit, Sicherheit - Spionageschießen dreht sich alles um Sicherheit

Yet another update highlights why Mobile Hidden Camera is the most trusted spy camera app of all time on Android.

When it comes to mobile apps, the average developers always squeeze the most out of you with Ad serving. They don’t hesitate to make profits out of your privacy.

Wir leben nach einer anderen Philosophie.

MHC tritt niemals einem Werbenetzwerk bei.

MHC liefert niemals Werbung.

So, MHC installed on your device remains an isolated app on your device. It helps you shoot great images & videos, at the same time assuring you that it won’t even look at your data on your device.

Building the app this way is the only way to protect our users. This is what makes MHC the most trusted spy camera app of all time.