Any technical issues? Send us a log file and we’ll fix it for you.

Even since our first release of MHC just a couple weeks ago the response has been overwhelming. As users all over the world started running our app, we soon found out that there’re many more types of Android devices than we could get our hands on.

Regardless of how rigorous our internal testing procedures are, we simply can’t have access to all Android devices in the world. Plus, given the very nature of MHC is in exploiting the full potential of the device’s camera, which makes the app very hardware-dependent; this gives us a great challenge in maintaining compatibility across the variety of brands and models of Android devices running on a number of firmware versions ranging from 1.1 to 2.2.1.

We just won’t be able to tackle this problem all on our own, so we’d like to ask you a favor.

Starting from version 1.0.1195, we’ve built into MHC a “Diagnosis and Logging” option under the “Settings” menu. If you encounter any issues with MHC, simply enable logging, repeat the problem, and send us a log file. We’ll then diagnose the issue and get back to you with an updated app.