A spy camera that leaves traces on your phone? No thanks, not even on the recent apps list please.

What good is a spy who leaves traces so people quickly finds someone’s been here doing something naughty? What good is a hidden camera application if it leaves some traces telling people you’ve just silently taken some images and videos?

MHC has already solved this small, yet critical issue by first introducing the concept of hidden application. The spy camera app is well hidden in another normal notepad app. Fear not showing people your phone. They can’t see nor access your hidden camera. They could at most see a ‘Simple Notepad’ application that functions, unsurprisingly, just like a simple notepad.

Today, we’ve released yet another update to even avoiding that ‘Simple Notepad’ to be shown on Android’s recent apps list. For those who aren’t aware of this, you can simply press and hold the ‘home’ button of your Android phone and it’ll show you the most recently run applications.

Now nobody’ll even be asking ‘Why did you use that notepad app?’ There’s no traces of a spy camera, nor even traces of the normal looking notepad application.

Better yet, we’ve enabled this feature on all of the LITE, PRO and PREMIUM editions!

The best hidden camera is always the one which is truly hidden.