There are two simple methods to install Mobile Hidden Camera and upgrade to a higher edition. MHC installed from both methods are identical. They only differ in where you make the purchase from.

Put it this way, you can buy the same product from 2 different stores. You just pick the store you like, the product itself is identical no matter where you purchase it.

1. Install and upgrade MHC from Google Play Store

MHC installed from Google Play Store supports the latest Google Play Store in-app billing. So you can easily upgrade MHC from within the app itself with Google Wallet.

If later you reset your device, simply re-install MHC from Google Play Store, open it and choose the ‘retrieve license’ option. It’ll get upgraded again immediately.

However if you have Android version 1.5 or below, or for some reason Google’s in-app billing doesn’t work for you, simply use the 2nd method below.

or 2. Install and upgrade MHC directly from our website

MHC installed from our website uses Paypal as the payment agent. You don’t need a Paypal account to make the purchase, in fact any credit card will do. Just use the Buy Now buttons on our website or the integrated Paypal payment pages within MHC to proceed with the purchase. You’ll receive a license key right away.

If you later reset your device, simply re-install MHC from our website, open it and input your license key. It’ll get upgraded again immediately.

Why are there 2 channels?

  1. Google requires us to use their own in-app billing (i.e. Google Wallet) without license key activation for apps published on the Play Store.

    However, Google Wallet has its own problems, it’s not as reliable and not as popular as Paypal. It is not available on devices running Android version 1.5 or below. Furthermore while it works fine for some users, it is a known problem in the developer community that Google Wallet tends to fail to authorize many users’ credit cards. Besides all these, some other users just don’t like to use it.

  2. Our website’s direct download, on the other hand, uses Paypal as the payment agent. Paypal is the world’s most popular and most trusted online payment method.

For every update of MHC, we publish it to both channels so all users can benefit from the upgrade, no matter which channel you choose to install and purchase the app.

This way, you can use the payment method you like, and you all get the same high quality product from us.