To take full advantage of the latest Android platform capabilities, we’ve recently given MHC a major upgrade and we’ve made available separate downloadable packages for different Android versions. We’re putting in more resources to develop this software solution to make full use of modern hardware and firmware capabilities. It’s because of such commitment MHC remains the very best professional grade spy camera application on Android, iOS and any other mobile platforms.


License Key Upgradable Version

These packages are free downloads, and include an upgrade option thru Paypal. Under MHC’s settings / upgrade now page, there’s an “Activate with license key” option for you to activate MHC on the fly.

License Key Upgradable Version Android 2.2 or below Android 2.3 to 9.x
Recommended, the latest & greatest

MHC V4 is highly optimized for newer Android devices
MHC v3.1-p MHC v4.4-p
Previous version

if, for some reason, you’d like to use the previous proven technology
MHC v3.4-p